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Wildlife & Fjord Excursions

I am Marianne and both my guides and I are Professional Photographers, my family and I, have lived and worked this land, since the early 1700's .
My self and my guides would love to share this beautiful landscape that we call "Heaven On Earth"  with you.
Listen to ancient folklore stories about this area.
Spectacular breath taking scenery.
Jaw dropping fjords, will almost make you speechless.
You can look forever; but we will take you directly to where the real action is.
Firstly the landscape and fjords are stunning photography subjects, with any type of camera.
But for more professional images, both wildlife and landscape, you could hire one of our professional and semi professional cameras and lenses that we have on offer.

There is also an abundance of wildlife, when in season and if you know where too look, if we are lucky, we could see migrant and non migrant bird's like Ptarmigan, rock grouse, over twelve types of tern including the arctic terns which flies from pole to pole, divers, petrels, puffins, ducks, geese gulls, white tailed Sea Eagles, Otters, Dolphins, Purpose, Hump Back and Killer whales, Seals, lynx, Reindeer, Moose and many more,

All the above are Seasonal.
It is possible to see humpback and orca whales working together, as they feed on the shoals of herring, that are on their way to the spawning grounds. (Seasonal /Oct to Feb).
White tailed sea and golden eagles all join in on the free bonanza of fish that are attracted by the warm water's of the gulf stream.
Reindeer can be seen scraping the snow covered tundra, as they move around in search of food.
Seals, Otters, stoat's and foxes can show up at any time any where.
Look no further.
Come Join us .
You won't be Disappointed.
40 Years Local knowledge and Experience
All year around Day Tours 0900-1300
We are a small company with a massive heart and will do all we can, and a little bit more, to make your aurora hunt or fjord tour satisfactory.
What makes us different from the rest is, that it’s not just a job... it’s a Real Genuine Lifetime Passion.
We are professional photographers and have a lifetime’s experience of aurora viewing with a huge passion for aurora and low light photography,  If required we will help you to set your camera for maximum quality and show you various shooting angles, how to frame and fill the frame, set up to photograph with vivid colours, consider composition, background etc etc . In short, we will show you all the low light photography settings you need for an unforgettable night’s / day photographic experience with us under the arctic circle, weather and aurora and animal permitting of course.
We operate our tours using mini vans carrying up to 7-8 passengers.
More than one van can be booked.
And in times of high demand this can change to a 14 seat mini bus without warning so that those who want to tour with us are not let down.
We will supply you with the following items:
• A professional monfrotto tripod with Manfrotto 324RC2 Horizontal Grip Action Ball Head.
• Warm all in one High Visibility Synthetic Snow Suit with Hood ​ ​and Reflecter Vest for your SAFTEY.
• Heat pads for feet and hands, gloves, hats, socks when required
• Boots with professional 12 spike ice crampons if required.
• We have a cable release (i.e. a remote control for most DSLR cameras) if required.
You can use any cameras for a day tour including Iphones.
Day tours during the arctic blue days, ie when the sun does not rise above the horizon, can be quite spectacular.
These so called blue days are from the 20th of November to the 15th of January.
And require higher iso settings than usual .




Canon 60d with canon 10-22 wide angle lenses x 6 Price per Tour  =  600nok

Canon 50d with canon 24mm x 1 Price per Tour     = 500nok

Canon 50d with sigma 20 mm x 1 Price per Tour     =500nok


We hire professional and semi professional camera equipment for landscape and wildlife photography.

For Wildlife and Day Tour's.


Canon 1ds with 100-400 m L Lens 100nok

Canon 7d with 300 mm L Lens Price per Tour 1000nok

                                    Nikon 800 e  1000nok

Canon 7d with 70- 200 L Lens Price per Tour      = 1000nok

Canon extender's 2.8 X 2 L Price per Tour             =  400nok

Canon extender's 2.8 x 2 L Price per Tour              =  400nok

Canon extender's 1.4 111 L Price per Tour             =  400nok
















































Please feel free to ask for any help, if our guides are busy please wait as some guests require more assistance than others.
We provide basic light photography tuition to best enable you to catch the wildlife, fjords and the northern nightscape in all its glory.


• Included in the Day tour price are:
• Drinking water.
• Selection of hot and cold drinks.
Biscuits or cookies
We will pick you up at the new Post Office in Tromso city centre which is directly behind the SAS Radisson Blu hotel.
0900am for Day tour.  Drop off 13:00pm
 17:30pm for Aurora tour and drop off approx 01:00 am ,

.We will bring you back to your hotel or place of residence at the end of your nightly aurora tour

We will provide you with the following:
• Warm snow suit to be worn over your clothes for everyone to wear, (due to past experience its very very advisable), please state size when booking (usually slightly larger than normal).
• Head lamp.
• Synthetic fur lines boot with extra socks and crampons when required.
• Reflector vests for your safety.
The start of the season is usually not so cold, but can be, and the rest of the season can be very cold indeed. Especially the further inland we go, so you’ll need to dress up well as the weather can change at any time. You are under the arctic circle after all!
Please wear thermal underwear with lots of layers of clothes and have good warm boots, woolen socks, gloves and a hat as they are all essential.
Please wear good footwear as this is the first part of your body to get cold and can be very difficult to warm up again. Please don’t wear trainers or dress shoes if you can help it. For your own comfort and safety, good, tough boots are best.
We have some fur lined boots for use in extreme circumstances incase your footwear is inadequate and ice and snow grips (crampons) are provided to be worn over your shoes if the ground is very slippery.
We travel to many place including the island Kvaløya.
We do not and cannot guarantee any animals or clear sky....
We cannot and do not cancel a day or night tour because it’s snowing, raining, windy or cloudy in  a 50 klm range of the Tromsø area.
If we do have to cancel for any other reason (avalanche, vehicle breakdown or other situations outwith our control) we will offer you a full refund or another day tour. We will explain in great detail the situation and your options when and if these days occur.
It’s up to us to choose if and when the situation is safe for everyone on any given day.
We do not give up easily, but always try to play safe.
We have toilets available on most days depending on area of day tours, although the great out doors also provides many toilet options.
Valid travel or outdoor winter sport insurance is recommended before you travel.
We carry full public liability insurance.
Please let us know if you have any special requirements or needs and we will help in every way we can.


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