Marianne's Cabin

We have a cabin, approx 1 hour twenty minutes drive south from Tromsø.
We can supply transport from airport to cabin and return for 1500 Norwegian Krona .
The cabin has solar power in summer months  only .
It has a wood burning sauna and hot tub and candle or L E D lights.
It's Perfect for viewing the Aurora which can be seen most night's when skies are clear and there is some solar activity.
The area is a heaven for summer or winter activities, Fresh and salt water fishing ,Wildlife and landscape photography ,hiking ,ski , snow shoeing and boarding or just chilling out around the cabin and area.
At the moment the cabin is not suitable for children under 10 years old due to some ongoing construction , Sorry.
The cabin is not suited for the faint hearted and there is a certain level of fitness to walk the steep path offten covered in deep snow through the birch forrest to reach the cabin.
It's  an approx 100 meter gradual walk through the birch woods from roadside to cabin which is not suitable for a suitcases.
There is a sledge at entrance to birch woods which you can use.
A rucksack is highly recommended for going up and down to the cabin area.
We do have 2 or 3 rucksacks that you may use , if needed they are kept on the cabin porch.

At the cabin there will be warm all in one snow suits , boots, hats , gloves , snow shoes , skis , ski shoes , snow board and boots , sledge , crampons , please state your size of shoes when booking .

While in doors there are plenty of ways to amuse your self , telescope , binoculars,  acoustic guitars, harmonica  , tambourine  , board games , playing cards , numerous books, dab radio , and plenty of books for you to read if needed , or just chill around wood burning stove arm in arm telling stories .

The scenery around this area is fantastic , with trails all around the natural birch wood forests that surrounds you. 
And if driving then theres no end to the magnificent fjords that make up Tromsø region.
The light in this area is unique and its a photographers dream summer and winter.
We are directly under the Auroral Oval and if there is some solar activity the Aurora can be seen almost every night that the skies are clear.
If you are lucky there is an abundance of wild life to be seen including Humpback and killer whales , dolphins , seals , otters,  moose , reindeer , golden and white tailed sea eagles , and millions of wild migratory birds that return each year , too many to mention. 
We have bird feeders around the cabin which attract some very rare birds on there migration journeys.
The Cabin area has a living room with wood burning stove where all the water is heated continually.
It has two kitchen area's, one in side , one out side, summer and winter.
There is mobile phone charging all year round and a reception can be found in various areas of the properties.
All cooking is with bottled gas, same again, in side ,and out side. summer and winter.
The main bed room has a double bed and cupboard space for clothing.
The smaller bed room has two bunk beds and small storage area's.
All areas heat up easily once the wood burning stove is going.
You can use as much wood as you like.
The sauna area has a double bed settle where you can sleep if you wish and adequate cupboards for clothing etc.
The sauna and hot tub are both powered with a wood burning oven.
Hot tub will be closed during the winter as all water supply freezes from November until mid April.
All drinking water will be kept inside the main cabin in 5 gallon drums ,so it does not freeze.
There is plenty of area's to relax and just watch time go bye.
Instructions for every thing is available at the cabin.
If you have your own car then there will be no introductry attendance .
If you have asked for transport to and from the cabin then the owner shows you around ,they will leave and you after arrival and you will be on your own until your departure date.
Please follow all the rules and regulations and have a safe and wonderful time at my cabin.
The cabin was built in the sixties and we have kept it that way , and we try to create that feeling of surviving in a wilderness area ,which is not far wrong ,even although everything needed for your stay is at the cabin.
There is no electricity in the cabins in winter.
And no running water from october to end of april.
Solar power is in summer months only.
It would spoil the beauty of the wilderness and that feeling of being out in the middle of no where.
There is enogh solar power for mobile phone charging and a reception on most mobile networks.
We are aurora hunters, guides and photographers and when the northern lights are dancing over your heads at the cabin, i guarantee you will be awe struck.
The cabin area is still very dark with minimum light pollution as we call it , and is growing like a cancer and very soon there will be no dark areas to view the night skies .
And in summer we have 24 hour day light and that is an experience on its own.
We have parking on road side directly below the cabin.
There is a slight walk up to the cabin around a 100 yards or more .
It entails a steep gradual walk up a hillside through the birch tree's which could be covered in snow in the winter months.
A good level of fitness is required for this rural winter wonderland.
Temperatures can fall to -20 in this area and all outside water supply will be frozen all winter.
Hence we use the wood stove to thaw out any frozen water in the winter months.
If you do not have a car and would like us to pick you up and return to the airport please state this when booking.
There is a fee for this service.
There is a daily bus service from Tromsø but entails at least 3 bus changes to get there ,please state if you would be using this ,and we will run you through the procedure.
The cabin is self sufficient and all groceries should be brought from Tromsø.
There is a super market about 10 kilometres away and out of walking distance
The whole idea of the cabin is its remote location that the cabin is in, and thats what makes this cabin location so unique. and an unforgettable  Experience.
Hope to see you soon.
The area is great for sea angling, summer or winter with great sea trout fishing all year round. There are lots of hill lochs filled with trout and char that can be fished in summer or winter.
There are hundreds of areas for skiing, sledging, snow shoeing etc. We have snow boards, winter boots, snow board boots, snow shoes, cross country skis and sledges that you can use. There are also four very warm all in one snow suit that you can borrow during your stay.
The toilet is a chemical outhouse with a great view.
There are a few dates left between now and the end of October 2019.
Please email or call for availability or see booking callandar.
There are THREE options for staying at the cabin, the first is Friday to Sunday morning 3pm to 10 am, long weekend at 4000 nok. Cabin only.
The Second one is 4 nights 5 days ,Monday to Friday 3pm to 12 noon / 8000 nok. Cabin only.
The last one is Monday 3 pm to Monday 10am. 12,000 nok. Cabin only.
To complete any of the above packages we can offer and add to any of the above ,One or Two nights stay at a local Tromso hotel 1000nok for a double room per night.(recommended after your stay at the cabin),with one 8 hour Aurora hunt ,1500 nok and one 4 hour Fjord wildlife tour 800 nok , if required with Marianne's Aurora and Fjord tour's.
We offer a pick up and drop off service, to the cabin for 1400 nok return.
Unfortunately we cannot transport you anywhere during your stay here as we are very busy with other day and nightly tours.
A hired car is recommended for your stay at the cabin as the journey from Tromsø is one hour and twenty minutes away with a trip through the tunnel under the ocean. A car lets you see and explore the pristine area that surrounds in both summer and winter.
We cannot guarantee any aurora activity or any clear weather.
The aurora can appear any time but its all up too what ever the activity is on the sun.
The cabin is excellent for viewing auroral activity when ever and the skies are clear enough for viewing ,and if its active .
Aurora season is from September to end of March.
We offer nightly aurora tours from Tromsø CITY CENTRE to our selected area’s at 1500 nok per every night and we had a 97 % rate of viewing the aurora last season.


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