Things To Do

Things To Do

There’s more to Tromsø than just aurora hunting so here are some ideas of other attractions you may wish to visit during your time with us. These are just some of the most popular tourist destinations and if there’s something you fancy doing, trying or seeing that isn’t listed, please just let us know and we’ll use our unrivalled local knowledge to point you in the right direction. There’s something for everyone in Tromsø so let us know what would make your ideal trip.

Tromsø gift & souvenir shop as
Strandgata 36
9008 Tromsø


Opening hours:
Monday-Saturday: 10:00 – 18:00
Sunday: 14:00 – 18:00

Closed: December 24th and 25th, January 1st and 1st and 17th of May.

During summer season we have extra opening hours.


Housed in a unique building designed to represent ice floes pressed against the mainland, Tromsø’s Polaria is the world’s most northerly aquarium and is designed to be an educational experience, with particular emphasis on displays for children.

Polaria offers an Arctic aquarium featuring bearded seals and common fish species from the area, along with interesting exhibits, a panoramic cinema and, of course, a gift shop and café!

Polaria’s unique ‘Arctic Walkway’ lets you find out how ice is meting in the Arctic, discover how this affects indigenous wildlife and how academics and researchers work in these remote and inhospitable areas.

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Experience Tromsø’s best views by cable car – Tromsø’s most popular tourist attraction. Simply stunning views of Tromsø and its surrounding islands, fjords, mountains and sea.

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Officially known as Tromsdalen Church but more widely known as The Arctic Cathedral, this architectural masterpiece was created in 1965 and has proved a popular tourist attraction ever since.

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