Aurora Chasing Tours

Aurora Chasing Tours


Join one of our experienced, professional photographer guides on our Nightly Aurora Tour and prepare for an adventure that you’ll remember for a lifetime. If you want to see and photograph the Aurora Borealis, then you have come to the right place. We are professional photographers with a lifetime’s experience and huge passion for the aurora and the night sky. We are currently taking bookings for our new aurora season which is under way right now. With a 3 year average success rate of 89% you won’t find a better chance of capturing the awesome natural beauty of the Aurora Borealis known as the Northern Lights .


We are a small company with a massive heart and will do all we can, and a little bit more, to make your aurora hunt satisfactory. We have a great track record of viewing the aurora last winter, with a very high % , see our reviews on trip adviser and web page. What makes us different from the rest is, that it’s not just a job... it’s a passion.

We are professional photographers and have a lifetime’s experience of aurora viewing with a huge passion for aurora and night photography. If required we will help you to set your camera for maximum quality and show you various shooting angles, how to frame and fill the frame, catch the aurora, set up to photograph vivid colours, consider composition, background etc. In short, we will show you all the night photography settings you need for an unforgettable night’s photography with us under the arctic circle, weather and aurora permitting of course.


We operate our tours using mini buses carrying up to 8 passengers. More than one bus can be booked.


We will supply you with the following items:

• A professional monfrotto tripod with Manfrotto 324RC2 Horizontal Grip Action Ball Head.
• Warm all in one High Visibility Synthetic Snow Suit with Hood ​ ​and Reflecter Vest for your SAFTEY.
• Headlamp or torch.
• Heat pads for feet and hands, gloves, hats, socks
• Boots with professional 12 spike ice crampons if needed.
• Tripods will be supplied with pan and tilt or ball heads tor everyone who needs one (please state at time of booking).
• We have a cable release (i.e. a remote control for most DSLR cameras) if required.


A Digital DSLR with detachable lens is best .

We hire professional and semi professional camera equipment for landscape and wildlife photography.



A Digital DSLR with detachable lens is best but some cameras are not suitable. You must have full control over all camera settings and be able to shoot in manual mode, or have aurora settings.

Cameras that we have found that were not suitable for capturing the aurora were some Lumix cameras and some compact cameras with fixed lens so please avoid these if possible. DSLR cameras with detachable lenses are best.


We provide full night photography tuition to best enable you to catch the Aurora and the northern nightscape in all its glory and, in order to have the best chance of finding the Northern Lights we have live updates on the current state of the Auroral oval:

• Planetary KP Index. This is the level of activity based on numbers 0-9.
• Interplanetary Magnetic Field. This is a shield that opens and closes letting the aurora in or blocking it altogether.
• Live link to the Tromsø Weather Forecaster up until midnight.
• Meet and chat with other Aurora guides on Aurora hunts.
• Two way radio contact with various other Aurora chasing photo groups.


• We have both hot and cold food most nights and seek to prepare it over an open fire where possible.
• Included in the tour price are:
• Vegetarian meal option. (Please state, when booking).
• FREE complimentary drink.
• Bottled drinking water.
• Selection of hot and cold drinks.
• Selection of treats to enjoy while relaxing on synthetic rugs or mats while exchanging stories around a camp fire about past auroras and other adventures.


We will pick you up at the new Post Office in Tromso city centre at 17:30 which is directly behind the SAS Radisson Blu hotel.


We will bring you back to your hotel or place of residence at the end of each nightly session. We have no limits on the time involved in hunting the aurora, 6 to 12 hours at Marianne’s discretion, and find it no problem going as far as Karesuando on the border of Finland and Sweden or, in extreme circumstances, Kiruna, which is deep inside northern Sweden, in our quest to find the magical aurora for you, so please bring your passport incase the above situation occours on your night of aurora hunting.

We are usally first to leave Tromso and last back so, if you plan to return earlier, (i.e. around midnight ), we may not be the most suitable tour guides for you as we are real aurora hunters with a genuine passion and not simply tour operators.

We have a 2am minimum limit. Most times the aurora can be out until the early hours and if aurora is special, or we need to travel further afield for viewing or hunting, then we could be much later.

All time after 2am is free as aurora chasing is our passion. We’d rather stay out longer, free of charge, to ensure you have the best possible experience then head back at a previously agreed time and risk not seeing the northern lights as their most spectacular best.


We will provide you with the following:

• Warm snow suit to be worn over your clothes for everyone to wear, (due to past experience its very very advisable), please state size when booking (usally slighty larger than normal).
• Head lamp.
• Synthetic fur lines boot with extra socks and crampons when required.
• Reflector vests for your saftey.


The start of the seasons are usually not so cold, but can be, and the rest of the season can be very cold indeed , especially the further inland we go, so you’ll need to dress up well as the weather can change at any time. You are under the arctic circle after all!

Please wear thermal underwear with lots of layers of clothes and have good warm boots, woollen socks, gloves and a hat as they are all essential.

Please wear good footwear as this is the first part of your body to get cold and can be very difficult to warm up again. Please don’t wear trainers or dress shoes if you can help it. For your own comfort and safety, good, tough boots are best.

We have some fur lined boots for use in extreme circumstances incase your footwear is inadequate and ice and snow grips (crampons) are provided to be worn over your shoes if the ground is very slippery.


We hunt as far as we possibly can on any given night to find clear skies for viewing, somtimes Finland, Sweden etc. so please bring your passport in case we have to travel further afield to look for clearer skies in order to view the northern lights, if they are active.

We do not and cannot guarantee the aurora as they are a natural phenomenon.

We cannot and do not cancel a night’s aurora hunting because it’s snowing, raining, windy or cloudy in the Tromso area.

There has been the very odd occasion where the skies are crystal clear but no aurora. This is very unusal but it can happen.

If we do have to cancel for any other reason (avalance, vehicle breakdown or other situations outwith our control) we will offer you a full refund or another night’s hunting. We will explain in great detail thesituation and your otions when and if these nights occur.

It’s up to us to choose if and when the situation is safe for everyone on any given night.

We do not give up easily, but always try to play safe.

We have toilets available on most nights depending on area of aurora hunt although the great out doors also provides many toilet options.

Valid travel or outdoor winter sport insurance is recommended before you travel.

We carry full public liability insurance.


Please let us know if you have any special needs and we will help in every way we can.


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