The second half of our 2019 aurora season is just around the corner.

We start our Aurora tours on the first of September .

This season we viewed our first Aurora on the 10th of August 2019 .

It could be seen in the sky even though it was still extremely bright daylight  at the time , but it gets darker by 20 minutes each night and soon the sun will not rise at all until the 15th of January.

The above Aurora image is from September 2016.

The month of September can be some of the very best auroras that can be viewed  and our summer nights can be quite warm here under the arctic circle ,before the snows arrive which is usually end of October.

Our day tours can be extremely exiting with the spectacular sunsets that appear as the sun works its way below the horizon  around mid November.

So don’t be put off by the fact that the northern lights are better any other month its all down to current space-weather and how active our sun at the given time that is weather permitting of course.

Clear skies are needed to view the natural phonominumn, but we have no limits where we might end up to view the Aurora and if its clear in Finland or Sweden but not Norway ,then that is where we will go in order for you to view the northern lights.

Image below a September sunset Grøtfjord Kvaløya.