Today (21st August 2019) we had a hiking tour, and the weather proved itself typical for the north of Norway, unpredictable and changeable. We began the walk in short sleeves, with a mixture of sun and a few clouds. By the midway mark we needed an extra layer as the sun slowly hid behind the clouds that were creeping in and the cool wind picked up pace.

As we reached the summit of the walk, we could hear the odd rumble of thunder in the distance, and the clouds suddenly became more dramatic and grey. We sat and ate our lunch, while watching the storm clouds move in over the breathtaking landscape. Next came the big spots of rain, time for the next layer, a waterproof. Luckily for us we made it back to the comfort of the van before the big down pour.  

Proof that in northern Norway you need to be prepared for any weather. 

But the down pour wasn’t all bad, as we were rewarded with an amazing rainbow, a double rainbow at that, which lasted at least half an hour. Once the rain had stopped and the sun started to break through the clouds again, it made for some excellent photography, the grass appeared to be more green and the back light was perfect. We also managed to pick some fresh blueberries on our journey.

All in a very nice day for a hike