The weather forecast for tonight was for clear skies, something we were really pleased to hear, after many challenging cloudy nights. On driving out to our location the clouds were still hanging on. But on arrival at our location we could see a clearing on the horizon. After we had dressed our self for the -8c temperatures we set up our equipment. Then within the gap on the horizon we could some aurora shining through. So we waited patiently, and the clearing was getting bigger. Eventually, the clear sky arrived, and so to did “lady aurora”. Giving us beautiful displays for a few hours.

Then just as we thought we were all cold enough and happy enough with the evening, we were making our way back into the van when WOW!!! the ultimate finale. Aurora just burst out in the skies above us, dancing and showing us what she really can do…. cries of FANTASTIC were heard, and look it is pink!!

What a great end to really great evening

Also on this night we more or less a full moon, which is very bright… proof that the moon does not stop you seeing the aurora. But also makes for stunning photography opportunities of the beautiful northern Norway landscape.