3rd January 2018

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! from all of us at Marianne’s Heaven on Earth Aurora Chaser Tours. We have been very busy with aurora tours, so the blog has unfortunately not been updated as often. However, we have had some very good aurora displays, since our last update. We would like to thank all our guests that joined in 2017 and we look forward to meeting more of you in 2018.

We welcomed in the new year, with our group with a very good aurora display, fireworks, almost a full moon and good cheer…


What can i say !!
This solar minimum just keeps getting better and better every night. One of our guests tonight works for Nasa, he was so impressed  with the auroral display tonight, that he forgot all about the cold bone chilling frozen wind, that blew all night, in the excitement Of the excellent auroral display  that performed above us, once again.

Above are one of the images that i managed to capture  in the grim , bitter cold ,gale force ,
conditions that where present in Troms region all this week  .








A great night here in Tromsø ,with the aurora still producing fantastic auroral displays for the second day and night running, from the impact of the gaseous substance which the solar wind has been caring towards earth from the hole in the suns atmosphere the past few days.
Producing these gorgeous pink green and white auroral displays that i managed to catch ,in-between working with the guests ,who where so exited ,that they needed help to catch the above display ,even though they where ready and waiting, they where just struck with awe and froze at the wonderful display that we see in the images above.