3rd January 2018

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! from all of us at Marianne’s Heaven on Earth Aurora Chaser Tours. We have been very busy with aurora tours, so the blog has unfortunately not been updated as often. However, we have had some very good aurora displays, since our last update. We would like to thank all our guests that joined in 2017 and we look forward to meeting more of you in 2018.

We welcomed in the new year, with our group with a very good aurora display, fireworks, almost a full moon and good cheer…


What can i say !!
This solar minimum just keeps getting better and better every night. One of our guests tonight works for Nasa, he was so impressed  with the auroral display tonight, that he forgot all about the cold bone chilling frozen wind, that blew all night, in the excitement Of the excellent auroral display  that performed above us, once again.

Above are one of the images that i managed to capture  in the grim , bitter cold ,gale force ,
conditions that where present in Troms region all this week  .








A great night here in Tromsø ,with the aurora still producing fantastic auroral displays for the second day and night running, from the impact of the gaseous substance which the solar wind has been caring towards earth from the hole in the suns atmosphere the past few days.
Producing these gorgeous pink green and white auroral displays that i managed to catch ,in-between working with the guests ,who where so exited ,that they needed help to catch the above display ,even though they where ready and waiting, they where just struck with awe and froze at the wonderful display that we see in the images above.




19th November… Tonight we planned to head south of Tromsø, after about 40 minutes we were able to stop, for a clear sky. So we prepared ourselves, and waited a while. There was a very faint hint of green on the horizon mainly visible in the camera. Soon it appeared that the clouds were creeping in, so we decided to drive and move around. Then we saw the sign of the aurora coming, it got stronger for a while before becoming very quiet again. We made a fire and enjoyed some hot drinks and something to eat, aurora remained quiet so we decided to head for home. On the way we did see more aurora so we stopped again for a while to see if it would progress, but still very quiet so we continued back to Tromsø, arriving at around 03:00.


18th November… tonight the weather forecast was to be clear up until around 23:00 when the snow clouds were to start arriving. So we began by driving out to the coast and positioned ourselves next to a fjord surrounded by the snow covered mountains.  We were already starting to see the signs of the aurora appearing, looking like a big green rainbow stretching across the fjord. Soon it became more visible, and at one point there was what appeared to look like, 5 roads of aurora stretching across the sky. In the meantime we set up a fire and enjoyed some hot drinks and something to eat. Soon after we began to see the aurora dancing elegantly in the sky, with pink visible. Later we decided to move on, to try and get a different viewpoint for the pictures. But! The cloud beat us to it. Just as the forecast predicted.  So we decided to head back towards Tromsø to see if we could catch up the clear sky, but it was covered in cloud and had started snowing. We agreed that we should finish the hunt…. but not before we gave our guests a last photo opportunity, which we wont give away 🙂 ;).  Thankyou for joining us  🙂

……photo from 18th November

17th November… tonight we decided to head North, as it looked to have the clearest sky for longer. So we arrived at the destination around 19:00.  We got ourselves prepared and waited for the aurora.  It took quite some time, initially more visible in the camera. It got slightly more visible to eye, but still very quiet. Then almost at the stroke of midnight… WOW out of nowhere came the display of the evening. It was dancing all above us with the green and pink very clearly visible to the eye.  Everyone watched in awe! It didn’t last too long but it was definitely worth the wait. We waited until around 01:00 before deciding to head for home. But ob the way back we kept watching….and stopped again briefly to watch the small green glow in the sky. Finally arriving back in Tromsø just before 03:00.

……picture from 17th November

16th November… Tonight the weather forecast was to be clear in most areas. But on picking up our guests at the centre, Tromsø had a cloud hanging over it! Was the forecast wrong?  We decided to keep to the plan, of driving to the coast to see what would happen. And wow what did happen??….We started by getting ourselves prepared and with that the aurora was starting to gently curve across the sky. By 19:00 there was what seemed to be three or four roads of aurora curving across the sky. When it went quiet again, we decided to drive on, but not too long before we had to stop again, to catch some more pictures. Then again moving on, and stopping at the top of mountain, where it became windy making it feel quite cold. But then by 20:00 WOW!! She danced!! It was green and pink…. at one point it was so bright that it seemed just like daylight. This lasted almost 1 hour. After, which we decided to move again and this time to find somewhere to settle and make a fire. With that we enjoyed some food and hot drinks, whilst sat next to sound of the fjord water. The aurora was still active, but seemed to be taking a little break. Until around 23:00 when WOW another big explosion of aurora. It was dancing so fast with the pink clearly visible to the eye, such a fast movement that even 2 seconds exposure were a little too much. A very successful evening and very happy guests 🙂 Around 6 hours of aurora…!:):)

14th November… Tonight the weather forecast was a little challenge. It was going to be a waiting game. So we began by slowly driving out to the south of Tromsø. The clearer sky was not supposed to appear until at least 22:00, so we had time to wait. By 22:00 the sky was looking to clear, with a number of stars appearing. Then we began to see a glimpse of green appearing. Very much a quiet aurora, but nevertheless in terms of the weather conditions a good find 🙂

12th November…Tonight we headed south of Tromsø. We stopped to get ourselves prepared, before driving onto a new place, taking some pictures overlooking Tromsø. We then moved on again, deciding to stop and make a fire to wait for the aurora. Not long after we began to see a glow of green curving across the sky. But by 21:30 we had the ultimate show, dancing aurora with green and pink. Everyone was very happy.

11th November… Tonight the weather was good and we had a choice of locations to go to. We decided to go north. The sky was very clear. The aurora was a little quiet, and we had to wait a while. We sat next to a river and enjoyed some food and hot drinks. A nice aurora occurred at around 22:00 but still quiet.

10th November…Another evening, where both the aurora and weather forecast were looking good. So we set off from the city, heading for the coastal area. We drove for about 20 minutes before making a stop, to get ourselves prepared. Not long after at around 18:30, we started to see our first signs of aurora, visible more through the cameras at this point. By 19:00 the aurora had become a lot stronger and visible to the eye, with some pink. Soon we decided to move on to a new location, keeping an eye on the sky. We made another brief  stop for some more pictures before moving onto our destination, where we settled next to the fire, enjoying something to eat and drink and sharing stories. Between 21:00 and 22:00 there was a very good display of aurora, dancing above us with green and pink both very visible. We waited a little longer, but the clouds were slowly creeping up on us, and by midnight we decided that we should begin to drive home. A very good evening…thanks to those who joined us…

A picture from early evening 10/11/17 at 19:00… cars can sometimes make your picture 🙂

8th November... Tonight the weather forecast and aurora forecast were looking promising. We began by driving north of Tromsø, hopping to different islands. Already on the journey, we began to see some stars… a good sign. As we approached our destination, there was a hint of aurora in the sky. When we arrived, we got ourselves prepared. The aurora tonight started before 21:00 and lasted for around 3 hours, with a great display occurring between 23:00 and 00:00. There was pink and green visible to the eye…

MIRA, MIRA!!! was the shout from our guests from Spain tonight… Gracias / Thank you for joining us tonight…

Picture of group 08/11/17…

6th November… A feedback comment from guests that joined us on Halloween 31/10/17…

” Hi Sarah and Marianne

Thank you for sending the group photo, it’s great! We really enjoyed our visit to Tromso and our tour with you to see the aurora was the highlight of the week. The stunning landscape in the moonlight and the appearance of the lights felt magical and we now have some photos to look back on. Thank you for making the experience so special, your professionalism, friendly company and thoughtful touches contributed greatly to our enjoyment. We will definitely recommend you to anyone hoping to visit Tromso in search of the lights.

Hopefully we’ll be back to visit you in the future – dreaming of a summer fjords trip next time!

Lovely to meet you and best wishes

Cath, Michael, Milo and Eva ” 

4th November… Tonight we planned to head towards Finland, but the weather forecast for an area before that was to be clearer, so we decided to wait. We had some clear patches of sky coming, so we prepared our cameras and dressed before moving on. Tonight was the full moon so everything looks like daylight, and makes very good pictures. We stopped to take pictures, with quite a big clearing in the sky, but no aurora. So we decided to drive on again, heading towards Finland. Yet again, we had another gap appear,so we decided to make a fire and wait, but no aurora… Unfortunately, it wasn’t the night. We waited until 2am before agreeing to drive home…But on the way home we were met on the road by a moose! Nice to see… we continued driving, finally arriving home at just after 4am.

Picture of group…4/11/17

3rd November…Another trip to Finland tonight, almost at Sweden. We drove out through some very heavy rain, but on arrival to Finland the sky was looking better. The stars were beginning to show. But we decided to drive further in, to get ahead of the cloud. We found our self a nice little place to set up camp and wait. Not long after, the aurora began to appear, giving us a nice but quiet display of mostly green. The snow clouds came after a while, but they soon disappeared again allowing us to see a little more aurora. We enjoyed some hot drinks and something eat. We decided to leave at 1am, arriving back to Tromsø at 4am. Thank you for joining us tonight… 🙂

Picture of guests and aurora…03/11/17

2nd November… A trip to Finland tonight. The weather forecast in other areas was very cloudy. As we were approaching Finland we could see that the sky was improving, some stars appearing and also the moon. After a while we decided to stop, and wait. It was extremely windy, making a temperature of -4c feel like -10c. It was too windy to make a fire tonight, so in order to escape the wind we sheltered in the car at times. The sky real opened up for us, and the aurora began. After a while, it became stronger, and the shout came “i can see pink!!”. The aurora was dancing and with the almost full moon everything was looking like daylight.

1st November…Tonight was going to be a challenge. The weather forecast for all areas was very cloudy, with rain and snow and strong winds. The reports also suggested that driving conditions could also be difficult. But we decided to go out and try, as there was one area which looked to have a chance of a gap in the cloud. So we drove around 2 hours away from Tromsø itself. It was extremely windy on arrival so we waited inside the car. With that we did start to see some stars appearing. Then we did see a glimpse of the aurora, very light and almost looking like a cloud. The gap in the cloud then covered up again. So we enjoyed a hot drink in the car, while waiting. Then again we began to have another gap, and this time the aurora was more visibly green, but still behind the clouds.

Tonight picture of the group, and aurora…

31st OctoberHAPPY HALLOWEEN! Although here in Norway, Halloween is not such a big celebration. So we began by driving out to a mountain top, where we got dressed into snowsuits and prepared the cameras. After a while, we drove onto a location where we would spend the evening. We made a fire and enjoyed hot drinks and something to eat. Also a little extra, as it was Halloween. The sky was very clear tonight and also with a 87% waxing gibbous moon. So the landscape was very bright, and as the snow has now arrived the scenery is even more amazing…with temperatures tonight reaching -4c. The aurora tonight was only a KP 0… Which means very low activity levels, but still visible, so we mostly saw the green curve across the sky, with one brief moment where some movement could be detected in the aurora. This picture taken tonight of a KP 0 and moon light and guests: Thankyou for joining us tonight 🙂

28th October… Tonight we were planning a drive to Finland as that is where the weather looked to be best. So we headed out, but after about half an hour the sky had a lot of stars, which wasn’t forecast for that area. Nevertheless, we stopped and decided to wait next to a fjord, and with that the aurora did appear. Very quiet band stretching across the sky, staying for a couple of hours. We made a fire and enjoyed some hot drinks and something to eat. To finish the evening off we decided to drive around to get some different scenery. But the aurora remained very quiet.

26th October…Tonight we began by driving one hour before stopping to see the aurora. But then the cloud that was supposed to arrive later, arrived early!. So after half an hour we decided to continue our chase, driving around another hour, before seeing some aurora again, behind the clouds. We stopped to take some pictures. Then the sky looked to be clearing, with a lot of stars appearing. So we drove a little more, to find a suitable place to wait. So we made a fire and had some hot drinks and something to eat. With that there was faint glow of aurora curving across the sky, but the reason for not seeing more at this point was the magnetic field was blocking the aurora out. Proof that aurora chasing can sometimes be challenging, but always exciting…

25th October… This evening the weather was supposed to improve as the evening progressed. However, the forecast is not always correct. We drove around in various areas before deciding to make a fire and wait. We enjoyed a hot drink and something to eat. We did managed to see a small amount of aurora. While we were waiting we kept ourselves busy with some light painting. Our guest tonight Christina from Italy was celebrating her birthday at midnight, so we made a picture for her…HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! 🙂

24 October… Tonight all conditions were perfect . The weather was clear and the aurora G1 storm was on its way! We drove locally, making a few stops for pictures. The aurora was active from the start of the evening and continued all evening. At some points in the evening the aurora was that bright that the land was lit up brightly. The best was kept until the end… where at around midnight when the big aurora hit… giving us green and pink and a lot of red aurora. It was dancing all over the sky, providing many coronas directly above us. a very good night for aurora 🙂

23rd October… Tonight we headed out and based ourselves next to a lake, waiting for the aurora. It started with a very quiet aurora, but later it did become a little stronger, with some “dancing” aurora. A comment which came back from guests tonight was:

“Good evening Marianne
Carol and I would like to thank you, George and Sarah for the adventure you took us on last week.
We have never experienced anything like that before. We achieved what we set to do, which was to see the Northern Lights.
But the trip was made more unique and exciting with yourself, George and Sarah. You certainly made sure you gave us the best opportunity to view the aurora.
I would recommend people to contact you if they want to experience what we did last week. Unforgettable and amazing,,,!!!
All the best.”
Carol and Mike 

15th October… We headed north tonight, and when we first arrived there were a few clouds around, but they soon disappeared and we were left with a perfectly clear starry sky. We were also rewarded with  good aurora tonight. On our way to the destination we saw a glimpse of it starting at 18:30 with still a lot of daylight around. When we arrived at our destination we  got ourselves set up.The aurora was visible, getting stronger as the evening progressed, and ultimately giving us a dance with green and pink visible.

Tonight’s picture of guests under the aurora…

14th October…This evening’s weather forecast was looking particularly challenging, in terms of the whole area was covered in a blanket of cloud. So we headed out from Tromsø, and could see a few gaps in the cloud locally, so we decided to wait a little while before making a decision as in which direction to go. When these gaps disappeared we decided that we would head south. After around an hour of driving we saw a few stars, so we decided to wait in that area. Then we got the reward… aurora!! It was quite a brief and quiet display, before the cloud came again. So we waited a little more, and the stars began to appear again, again with a little more aurora, we got to see a dancing aurora for a minute or two with pink also visible briefly, again before the cloud covered. But at times even when the cloud covered, the cameras were still picking up a lot of green.

13th October… Tonight we decided to travel north. As we were travelling to the destination, aurora made her appearance, before 19:00, while there was still a lot of day light. We arrived at our destination, and first we got dressed and then set up the cameras. We then walked to a river where remained for the evening, The aurora provided an excellent display which lasted for some time. We made a fire and enjoyed a hot drink and something to eat. A very good night. Even on the way home the aurora was still active, so we were making several stops before our final return to Tromsø.

12th October…Aurora tours are not only about trying to view this beautiful phenomenon, but also about making new friends. And tonight that is exactly what happened. So we started the evening knowing that the weather forecast was good, but the aurora was also looking very good. So we drove out to our location, but just before we were planning to stop aurora already made her appearance. We stopped for a moment to watch, then continued to find our place to spend the evening. With that the aurora, kept going, dancing with green. We made a fire and had something to eat and drink. Then very unexpectedly clouds began to appear and started covering up the sky. So after waiting a while to see how the clouds would move, we decided it was best to pack away and chase! As we were leaving the area was almost completely covered with cloud. So we drove in the direction of the clearer sky. With that a small amount of aurora appeared again. But…. the best was yet to come! And at about  00:15 WOW!!! the show really started… the was dancing aurora everywhere! there was green and pink. Then the aurora took a short interval, but she came back for another performance. At this point the cloud began catching us up again. But we waited a little longer, and just after 01:00 came the finale, more dancing aurora. By 01:30 the cloud had almost covered again, so we decided to call it a night.

Picture from 12/10/17…Silvana from Argentina & Achitra from Nepal pictured early in the evening 19:30, with aurora and sunset. They only met on the tour, but became friends…:)

11th October…An aurora storm tonight with kp levels at 4&5. The show started before 19:00 and lasted the whole night, varying between gentle streams of light and fast moving dancing aurora with green and pink:

9th October… A good night in terms of the weather tonight, although quiet for the aurora. The first sign of aurora began at around 23:30, but just a small glow. It wasnt until 00:40 when we had a stronger show lasting only 15 minutes, giving a short dance before returning to very quiet state.

8th October…Another very cloudy night tonight, we began by driving to an area where the skies should have been clear, but it wasn’t the case. We decided to wait a little while to see if anything would change, but it wasnt getting any better. So we decided to drive around to another area. When we arrived we saw a few stars begin to show, as we stopped to get out to look the aurora was there. Very small and lasting no more than 10 minutes before the clouds covered again.

Picture from 08/10/17. 22:45


7th October… The weather was kinder to us tonight, compared to last night. Tonight was a very nice evening… we started with the sunset, then the moon rise, and then the aurora. Our guests tonight Adam and Alfera from Malaysia were celebrating their honeymoon. Congratulations to you both…:)  They decided to rejoin us tonight, after being with us last night. It is very good that they tried again, because they got rewarded with a very good aurora. Just after 21:00, we started to see a small aurora, which kept going for quite a long time. But then at around 23:30 the show really started and we had a dancing aurora with green and pink and purple visible. This display lasted around half an hour. A great end to the evening and a very happy honeymoon couple… Some comments heared tonight “i was so into the aurora, that i forgot i was cold“. “Speechless“. and “i never expected to see that“.

Picture of Adam and Alfera…Aurora and full moon

6th October…In terms of the weather, this was the most challenging evening of the season so far. The cloud was everywhere leaving us with nowhere really to go. We opted for an area which seemed to offer the highest chance of seeing some gap in the cloud. However, mother nature was not on our side tonight. So we made a camp and tried to make the most the evening… enjoy something to eat and drink, while a few guests tried light painting for the first time. After a while we decided to pack away and drive around to see if we could find any gap in the cloud. So we drove around in a different area, and at one one point we caught a glimpse of a few stars, but in moments the cloud covered them again. Unfortunately, no aurora tonight… but we gave it our best shot, arriving arriving back in Tromsø at 3am. Thank you to those that joined us tonight.

5th October… A quiet start to the evening for aurora tonight. A KP of 1 and quiet. A first sight at around 21:30, just a small band curving across the sky. But by 23:00 we had a brief display of dancing aurora. But it was the magic midnight again tonight and at 23:50 wow did the show start and it was dancing very fast showing the greens and pinks. It was an amazing aurora that lasted until around 00:15, then went quiet again…By midnight the KP had risen to 3, just as it was predicted… Overall a great night for aurora. Tonight was also the full moon, so everything was extremely bright, the pictures were looking just like daylight.

Picture taken at 23:00:

4th October… HAPPY HONEYMOON to Sally and Beng who joined us tonight from Singapore and Hong Kong. The evening started by driving out to see the sunset. We continued to drive out, keeping an eye on the sky as the weather seemed to be a little unpredictable. So we decided to make a fire and eat and drink.  We did catch a glimpse of aurora but, then the cloud cover seemed to be increasing. So we decided for the best to pack up and drive and chase the clearer sky.  With that we found an area with quite a lot of stars, with the aurora making an appearance again. It was a nice quiet aurora, but at 23:55 she gave us a dance. But the main show came at 01:00 when she gave her ultimate performance of the evening. Also at this point the moon rose from behind the mountain making the whole area look just like daylight. A great end to the evening. 🙂 Thank you to everyone who joined us this evening


3rd October…HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU….! 🙂 What a great way to spend your birthday, to be chasing the northern lights and to see them. Tonight the weather forecast was very windy with quite a lot of cloud. However, we drove just over 1 hour from Tromsø, where we had a mix of clouds and big clear patch of sky. We started by getting ourselves into warm clothes, as tonight’s wind was making it feel colder than it really was. We set up cameras, and prepared to wait a little while. When the wind had dropped, we made the fire and everyone gathered to enjoy something to eat and hot to drink. Then with that at around 21:00 we had the first sighting…. very quiet and pale, but as time went by it did get stronger, green becoming more visible to the eye, and then even pinks as aurora gave us a dance. A mixture of cloudy aurora again tonight accompanied by the full moon… A very nice evening aurora hunting…

Happy birthday to you :)…. thanks for joining us…

2nd October…This evening started out with the weather forecast looking promising. So we headed out and saw a beautiful sunset. But then something wasn’t right… there was more cloud than forecast. We waited a little while, to see what would happen, but the cloud got thicker and then it started raining. Proof that the weather can be wrong and change very quickly. So we decided it was best to drive and find another location. So we drove an hour and half and began to see stars…a good sign! Then as we got to the top of the mountain, there she was… aurora just waiting for us! So we jumped out quickly to watch. We then drove a little further, to find a suitalbe place to be, and aurora gave us the show for just over an hour. There were still some clouds around, but these didn’t affect our view. But the clouds that we had moved away from earlier in the evening began catching us up again. But our guests were more than happy with their evening. Thankyou for joining us:)

Picture shows tonight’s aurora…. even with the cloud, it can sometimes give a more dramatic effect…

1st October… Another warm day in Tromsø…the warmest October since 1984! Temperatures were around 19-20c. October is also said to be the second best month for aurora according to the 75 year statistical data (spaceweather.com). And tonight the aurora did not disappoint. It started around 20:30 and was quietly lighting up the sky, with brief moments of higher intensity. Later in the evening once everyone had finished eating and all the marshmallows were toasted, we decided to change location for a different scenery. At 23:55 aurora gave a very brief but very intense display. Clearly visible was the pink. We decided to wait a little longer, to see if aurora would give a final show… and she did! The guests were definitely happy… thank you for joining us on this night:)

30th September…It was a beautiful day in Tromsø today. We began the evening by driving to view the scenery and catch the sunset. At one of the stops the wind seemed to have picked up, but surprisingly when we got out of the van it was a very warm wind… we continued our drive and found our self a nice place to wait for the aurora. As we were just getting ready the first sign of aurora came at just 19:40, with still a lot of daylight around. So we settled and prepared to wait, the aurora then became a little stronger, glowing like a rainbow across the sky. Up until midnight there was not really a lot of activity. BUT THEN!!!…..at 00:06 the show started and wow what a show it was! Dancing all around with green and pink very clear to see. The guests were amazed and awe struck by the magnificent display the aurora was putting on. This lasted until 01:02… almost a full hour of a spectacular light show:

Picture of a guest pointing to the spectacular display above us :):)

27th September… AN AURORA STORM!!. The KP reached number 6 tonight! What a display ‘lady aurora’ put on. The first sign of the show starting was at 20:30, when a small glow appeared while the sun was still setting. Then about 1 hour later the show really began! We had dancing aurora all around us, with green and pink visible to the eye.  4 hours later at 00:30 there were still shouts of ‘wow’ and ‘ooohhhh’ . She didn’t seem to want to stop tonight. The guests were absolutely thrilled to have seen such a display.

26th September… Another very quiet night for aurora. Again quiet activity levels meaning that we saw a glow of green in the shape of a rainbow. A nice evening nevertheless.

25th September… A quiet aurora this evening, giving a steady glow for most of the evening, at one point where it attempted to dance a little, but the activity levels were low. But for our guests, it was a good evening as it was their first aurora.

24th September…What an amazing evening! We started seeing our first sign of aurora at 20:45, with a quiet activity level. But she was just warming up… where she then put on the show. Dancing all around… “there is pink” was the cry, followed by a lot of WOW’s!! And it was a night where the show just kept going and going. It came to a time where we had to say it time to go home…. we could and would have stayed all night. Even on the way home there was still some activity going on. Thank you aurora for a great evening 🙂


23rd September… This evening the weather was cloudy, so we had to drive 2 hours away from Tromsø in order to find a clearer sky. So we arrived at a nice location, with mountains and a fjord. We got ourselves prepared made a fire and decided to eat while we waited. The sky was looking quite promising, and as the weather forecast predicted it should have got better as the night progressed. But soon the clouds started catching up again! something wasn’t right. But in the meantime we did start to see some aurora, in the gaps and through the clouds, so we waited a little while to see how the situation would progress. But unfortunately the clouds came in very heavy, so we had to pack up and chase..! So we drove further again, and found a small clearing of sky. The aurora was still active but with a quiet activity level. Proof that weather forecasts are not always right… but also that in these areas around Tromsø the weather can change rapidly.

22nd September
Equinox. Night and day are almost equal in length.​
Auroras love equinoxes.
At this time of year, even a gentle gust of solar wind can spark a bright display
​An amazing aurora dancing over the sky, as if it is breathing. ​
It was a breathtaking aurora with fireballs and shooting stars​


21st September…This evening proved to be interesting. We began by driving around, to admire the scenery and allow the guests time for taking pictures, while the daylight was still with us. Having checked the weather forecast before hand, the forecast was to be crystal clear skies. However, upon reaching our destination, there were a few clouds dotted around. And a few clouds does not prove to much of a problem for viewing aurora, so we decided to set up a camp fire and wait. And with that, on the horizon, aurora made an appearance, with sunset just behind it. But during the time that we had enjoyed a hot chocolate and a bite to eat, something wasn’t looking right… yes a lot of cloud came.  So the weather man can be wrong! So after making some phone calls around, we decided that we should pack away and try to move. So we drove for 10 minutes and we saw stars so we stopped, then aurora appeared again and this time she did a little dance for us. We decided to wait until midnight before moving again. Then we drove off again, and after another 10 minutes we stopped again as we could see some aurora. Once we got out of the car, the aurora gave us one more display to complete the evening. The guests were extremely happy.  Every night is an adventure and different in many ways…..So even with some cloud it is possible to still see the aurora:

20th September… At about 20:45 we saw the first signs of aurora, even with the daylight still remaining. But by 21:00 we started to see a dancing aurora, with green and a little pink, which lasted for around 20 minutes. Our guests were very happy. Then we decided to make our camp fire and enjoy some hot chocolate and something to eat. At this point the aurora was still active but very quiet. After waiting a while longer to see if aurora would give another show, the guests decided they were happy and we began to pack up and head back to Tromsø. Even on the way home we kept a look out, but unfortunately the magnetic field had closed and the aurora was therefore being blocked out. But another successful evening, with happy guests.

19th September… Another good night for aurora… this evening’s comment is from our guests…

This was our first attempt to see the northern lights, and coming all the way from Australia, we had no idea what to expect. After a couple of stops to take in some of the spectacular scenery Tromsø has to offer, we found ourselves watching a stunning sunset in a beautiful location just waiting in anticipation for the aurora. Within an hour of sunset, she appeared in her full potential. What we saw on this tour left us speechless. Seeing the aurora dance across the sky was a moment we will never forget. It was an incredible evening, with a lovely campfire dinner accompanied by mother natures most spectacular performance. Our guide Sarah was extremely knowledgeable and hospitable. Thank you Marianne and team for one of the most memorable nights of our lives!  Katherine & Peter, Sydney – Australia.

Group photo of this evening:   Thank you to those of you joining us on this evening 🙂

18th September… Pictured below are some of our guests taking pictures of the aurora. It was a slightly colder evening here, but the guests kept warm with the thermal suits provided and a fire to sit around. Aurora provided the show again, giving reflections on the water. Thank you for joining us on this evening 🙂

September 14th…..Thank you to those of you who joined us on this evening. This was a great night for aurora, we had a KP of number 4. Even while the daylight still remained we saw the first signs of aurora. As the darkness set in, the aurora continued. The green lady was active tonight lighting up the sky, dancing all around us. At some points we didn’t know which way to look. We were treated to green and pink and purple… a truly amazing display.

The picture below shows some of our guest’s just lying back watching the great show…Imagine yourself just lying back admiring this fascinating event….then come and join us!!!

13th September… A shy aurora tonight. It was visible to the naked eye, looking like a green rainbow across the sky. But the magnetic field was border line most of the evening and with quiet activity levels. But nevertheless our guests were happy to have seen it.

September 11th… The evening started out considerably cloudy. But the weather forecast was to clear later in the evening in time for the darkness. So we began by driving around enjoying the scenery and taking pictures… then it came to the time where we had to wait… and sure enough 2 hours later the clouds started to disperse, and by midnight we had clear sky…the waiting paid off.

We set up the camp fire and sat enjoying a hot chocolate. Then somebody said “what is that”!?  And yes, it was aurora! A brief sighting to begin, but at 23:50 WOW!!! She put on the show… dancing all around us with green and pink. At one point it was difficult to know which way to look… it was everywhere!! This amazing display lasted for at least half an hour, when it went quiet, before giving one final show before we decided to head for home. Even on the way home there was a little glimmer of green in sky…

Thank you lady aurora and thank you to those of you who joined us this evening 🙂 we hope you have many happy memories to take home with you 🙂

September 7th…. We decided to go out ourselves tonight. Because that is what we do, this is not just a job for us… so we had perfect weather and a beautiful full moon. Then we had a great aurora to complete the evening. We were watching it dance above us, while the full moon glistened on the water…and the Tromsø lights were visible in background.

So remember, the season has begun and we want to share it with you…..come and join us!!!

6th September…We had our first guests of the season. We spent some time driving around, admiring and photographing the beautiful scenery here, as there is still a lot of daylight here in Tromsø until late in the evening. We then settled and made our camp, waiting for the dark skies and aurora. At around 23:00 clouds started catching up with us, so we decided to pack away the camp and chase the open sky again. Arriving at our new destination we waited patiently for aurora. However, on this occasion it was a night where this natural phenomenon did not occur. The interplanetary magnetic field remained closed for the night, which meant the aurora was blocked out.

Monday 4th September 2017 we were out watching a beautiful sunset. Followed by a great aurora at around 23:30. The Aurora season is back again!


Hi I’m Marianne Bergli  and this is my Blog.

I started a company as a small group tour operator  in order to show people the abundance of wild life and the amazing natural   phenomenon known as the northern lights.

My company is called Marianne’s Heaven On Earth Aurora Chaser Tour’s ,both my guides and I are professional photographers.

We specialise in both natural and low light photography and all things rural, including flora and fauna, but especially the amazing natural beauty of Aurora Borealis…also known as the The Northern Lights.

I grew up in Norway and experienced the northern lights lights all most every night.

As a child i was told never ,to wave at the aurora with anything white ,as she would reach down and take hold of your hand and take you away ,up into the star light sky ,never to be seen again.

Of course being kids we all waved at some point in our lives ,but always lived with the fear ,that some day we would be taken away by the aurora gods.

And if the aurora did not  get you ,the trolls who lived in among  the fallen rocks would , so we all lived in constant fear of being taken away from our parents ,if we done anything bad .

I’m a native of Tromvik, it’s a small fishing village west of Tromsø.

My family have lived and worked this land since the early 1700s and we would love to share with you the astounding natural beauty that surrounds us, that which we call Heaven on Earth.

Come and join us in our very own Garden of Eden and see the fjørd’s and landscape the way I do.

Far, far away from the main tourist trails, hear the tails about the trolls and why they turn to stone. See my ancestral home and listen to the ancient folklore stories from the region.

Enjoy a relaxing photo shoot or just take in the stunning landscape that surrounds you. Jaw dropping fjords, beautiful scenic trails, breath taking scenery… this is my garden, this is my Heaven.

Look no further for the ultimate northern lights or nature photography experience.

With over 40 years of local knowledge and experience you won’t be disappointed and we welcome iphone snappers and professional photographers alike.

I hope to see you soon

Marianne Bergli